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Are you looking to buy an investment property? Or perhaps you need a home loan for your first home purchase? And are you confused about what interest rates would work best for you in the long run? Not sure what options are available for you? Look no further. Zebra Mortgages is a Christchurch based mortgage broker that offers solutions to your mortgage needs. This is a free service funded by the banks by way of commission. We do all of the legwork for you and aim to make the process as simple as possible. Whether you are looking for a homestart grant, a welcome home loan, or to just broaden your portfolio with additional property.

A mortgage is possibly one of the largest commitments you will ever have in your life – so making the right choice is especially important going forward for many years. This is why using an experienced mortgage broker like Jody Scott of Zebra Mortgages is so important. We will aim to get the best result for you – no stock standard approach or one size fits all. As a first time home buyer it is especially important that you feel confident that your broker is looking out for what is best for your current and future interests. We will help guide you through the process of getting your mortgage and securing the best interest rates available, while also keeping in touch with you over time to ensure that you are still happy with how your mortgage is going.

A home purchase is no light endeavor, no matter what stage you are at, whether it is your first property as a first home purchase, or if it is a purchase as an investment property. And no matter what stage you are at, it is always essential that your mortgage broker is keeping your best interests front and foremost. We will suggest to you different options and solutions that are available to you and your specific circumstances.

How we can help.

Perhaps your goal is to refinance, or upgrade from your first home purchase. We can suggest to you a wide range of services and products from various banks and other financial institutions, that will ultimately help you to find the best solution to your specific situation. Zebra also specialises in business loans, and act for a number of very large businesses in Christchurch with brokering their business loans. We will liaise with the lenders on your behalf in order to ensure you get the best package available, without having to be bogged down yourself with financial jargon that might not necessarily come easy to you. That’s where we can help as the spokesperson for you and your interests.

Jody is a registered mortgage broker and while based in Christchurch, we can help to secure finance for you as long as the property you wish to purchase is located within New Zealand. There is a lot of competition in this field, especially in Christchurch as it grows and rebuilds, but we aim to give you a down to earth, no-nonsense approach that will leave you feeling confident that your mortgage and financial goals are being handled properly and with your best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

Don’t settle for a broker that won’t place your home purchase or investment property purchase as a priority. Choose Zebra Mortgages, a mortgage broker who is Christchurch based who is going to look after your interests.

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If you’re searching for a mortgage broker, who can help you if you are saving for a deposit, looking for land to build on, want to reduce their waiting period to get into their new home, or have been speaking to a building company about your dream build, then contact us today.