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Mortgage Brokers NZ

A house is often the biggest purchase of our lives, and a mortgage also known as a home loan can often typically be the biggest financial commitment we ever make. So it is important to choose the right home loan and ensure you repay it back as soon as you can. This frees us up to achieve other goals faster!

Tips for home buyers when getting a mortgage

When working with a broker, we often show you the lowest-cost loan on the market.

For most of people, it’s a case of going out and looking at lots of different properties before finding the right home. It makes sense to take the same approach when picking a bank. The idea is to:

Shop around for the best rates – there’s no obligation to go with you existing bank, or even your parents bank.

As Mortgage brokers, we deal with a number of lenders daily, so we can save you time shopping around. We also make sure you don’t over commit.

Where to get a mortgage

You can get a mortgage directly from a bank or through a mortgage broker. But generally a broker can save you time, with no extra cost. When you are picking a house, what if you could send someone to look around all the real estate in a given area and instantly report back with the one most ideal for you, and the best value for the money. Sounds too good to be true? It is in the property world, but that’s about what happens when using a broker. We’ll shop around and present you with the best deals.

Saving time

If you were to approach all the banks on your own, firstly you’ll really struggle to find a direct person to see you without making an appointment to see someone. Each bank then has their own application form which can be a itinerary of pointless questions. We are able to fill the form in once and present it to the correct department of each bank instantly. This gives you the best chance of succeeding right away. Banks also tend to be more cautious and are more likely to turn you down if you don’t have a good credit history or bad credit. This is something we can help you with.

The experts

As mortgage brokers we know the interest rates and application criteria for different lenders, and can negotiate on your behalf. We can help you put a loan application together. We’ll also be able to help you apply for the Home Start Grant, and Welcome Home Loan if you qualify. For a lot of our clients that approach us out of the blue, what we find is that they may have already been turned down by the bank. A lot of the times, it is because they have not portrayed themselves correctly to the bank. This is where we can help. Generally we help these people and end up with a client for life.

Not just home loans

We’re also registered financial advisers, so there is a whole manner of things we can help you with, and are governed by a disputes resolution scheme. Other financial services we provide are loans for self employed, and even consolidation loans. Visit the home page to get a better idea of all the ways we can help.