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Mortgage broker Christchurch

mortgage broker christchurch

If you’re searching Mortgage Broker Christchurch, it should come as no surprise that there is a lot of competition. As New Zealand’s population grows larger every year, the cost of property and the need to take out a mortgage to finance these ever growing property prices is increasing.

What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage anyway? Well, a mortgage is a legally binding document that allows a property buyer to take out a loan in exchange for security over the property and an interest to be paid back on the original loan. Rudimentary forms of mortgages have been operating for thousands of years. When applying for a mortgage, the applicant enters into an agreement, these days generally with a bank, that requires that they must pay back a certain portion plus a portion of interest on the loan to the bank each month, fortnight or week, depending on the terms of the mortgage.

What is a mortgage broker?

Navigating the maze of lenders and loan options can be daunting for anyone in the market for a mortgage, given that there are a large number of banks and lenders etc. A broker can help you by collating all the information a bank would need to make a decision on your lending application, whether for an investment property, home purchase or buying your first home. Once the broker has put the deal to all the banks, the broker then helps you pick the best home loan.

So whether it’s your first home or you are upgrading, refinancing, or adding to your investment portfolio, it pays to receive the best financial advice. Jody has 14 years experience as a business banker at Westpac so can truly advocate for you in assuring that you receive the best possible deal with the banks.

To find out more information, feel free to navigate the other parts of our website. Not only can we help you with the banks, we deal with a number of smaller lenders who specialise in debt consolidation loans.

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